If the tracks are removed, wouldn’t it prevent railroad service from being restored between Kingston and Belleayre?


  • Destruction of bridges and right-of-way by storms etc. have already made restoration of service impossible to achieve.
  • Repairing this damage would cost tens of millions of dollars
  • By “rail-banking” the corridor it would be possible for it to be used as a rail line in the future, after upgrades are made to the bridges and new modern rails are put in place.

In Maine they found that removing the existing rail and ties will make it more efficient to restore rail service in the future.

  • The existing rail is substandard and will need to be replaced.
  • The existing ties are deteriorated and will further deteriorate as time goes by.
  • Ballast that meets modern standards will have to be placed on the railbed when rail is restored.
  • Removing the existing ties and rail will make it more efficient in the future to install new ballast, ties and rail.