Mike Hein and DEP announce an historic partnership to build Ashokan Rail Trail: 

The County Executive was joined by NYC DEP Commissioner Carter Strickland for the announcement which establishes a framework between Ulster County and DEP to facilitate and fund (with 2.5 million dollars) the conversion of a portion of the County-owned Ulster & Delaware Railroad (U&D) corridor into a multi-use recreational rail trail open for public use year round without permits or fees.  Additionally, this concept is designed to concentrate and strengthen the historic railroad experience west of the Ashokan.

Click here for Ulster County’s full Press Release

Click here for Friends of the CMRT’s full Press Release.

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Let’s make connections on the corridor!

Join us in supporting the transformation of the 38.6 mile, county owned, Ulster & Delaware rail corridor, running from Kingston to Belleayre Ski Center into a premier multi-use recreational trail – the Catskill Mountain Rail Trail (CMRT).

Once complete you will be able to hike, bike, rollerblade, ski… your way from downtown Kingston, along the Ashokan Reservoir to Boiceville.  Once in Boiceville, you can hop on a scenic tourist rail road for a 6 mile ride.  This will connect to another beautiful trail section from Phonecia, all the way to the Belleayre Ski Center.

This connected segmented approach is a win-win for trail and train enthusiasts!

A study completed by Camoin Associates in 2013 showed that there will be about 140,000 visitors a year to the trail, and roughly $3.1 million in direct and indirect spending.

The best way to show your support for this multi-use trail is by signing our petition to Ulster County legislators.

MP 21.4 ashokan from rr 4-07 (1)By connecting to other rail trails in Ulster County and beyond, the Catskill Mountain Rail Trail represents the vital link in a unified trail network extending westward from the Walkway over the Hudson. This long and interconnecting trail network will enhance quality of life, including recreational and non-motorized transportation opportunities for Ulster County residents, while jumpstarting the expansion of a world-class tourist destination that will turbo-charge the county’s sustainable economic development and promote new job creation.

The Catskill Mountain Rail-Trail will provide a much-needed connection between neighborhoods in the City of Kingston and open spaces and scenic vistas in the Catskills, significantly expanding recreational opportunities for families with low and moderate incomes and people with disabilities.

This visionary proposal, long-supported by the Ulster County Legislature was recently advocated by Ulster County Executive Michael Hein in his 2013 Budget Plan. The plan has attracted support from Governor Andrew Cuomo – who included $2 Million from the state in his 2013 budget to initiate work – and from U.S. Senator Charles Schumer.

We need your help to make the Catskill Mountain Rail Trail happen. Please take action now!

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